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WAPL elects one of its members to serve a two-year term on the American Association of Professional Landmen Region VI Board of Directors.

WAPL's current AAPL Director is Will Boone, CPL, and can be contacted by email at will@wildcatresourcesinc.com..

AAPL Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting – Director’s Report –September 2019

Dear WAPL Members,

The AAPL Board of Directors held its latest quarterly board meeting on September 15, 2019 at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If you ever get a chance to visit that area, I would highly recommend it.

Below is a summary of the more relevant items discussed and/or voted on by the Board of Directors:


AAPL currently has 24 employees, while NAPE has 7 full-time employees.  

Summer NAPE business conference attendance exceeded the three prior years while overall attendance was slightly down.

Registration for 2020 NAPE Summit is open!

NAPE Summit – metrics are running slightly ahead of the same period last year.

NAPE Season Pass – a new season pass that includes NAPE Summer and Summit has launched and guarantees the purchaser the early bird rate.

2018-2019 Financial Audits – the independent financial auditor’s field review in AAPL’s offices for NAPE and AAPL has been completed. The final audit reports for all AAPL and NAPE entities are scheduled to be delivered and presented to the Finance Committee in November.

2018-2019 End of Year Financials – Expenses ended the year ~$540,000 under budget. Income exceeded budget by ~$900,000, primarily due to income exceeding budget in the following programs: NAPE (~$400,000), Membership (~$170,000), Education (~$225,000) and Annual Meeting (~$44,000).

Professional Development Assistance – The 2018-2019 Professional Development Assistance program assisted more than twice as many members as the prior year. The total amount of assistance granted was $29,100. 39 members accessed $11,700 for Annual Meeting registration; 51 members accessed $15,300 for AAPL education event registration; and at least 6 members accessed $1,800 in book and video sales discounts. This is available to all members please contact me for more information.


Membership as of 8/26/2019

Total Membership: 14,198 (13,492 at same period last year)

o Active Members: 12,557

o Associate Members: 1,186

o Retired CPLs: 89

o Senior Members: 164

o Student Members: 202

o New Members YTD: 865



I sent an email regarding this on September 17, 2019. Please refer to that email for more details, but AAPL Board Voted unanimously to hire Dr. Greta P. Zeimetz as our new Executive Vice President.


AAPL has a brand-new logo!

A new AAPL Logo was launched at the Annual Meeting. Please head to the website to get good quality versions of the new logos, feel free to use them on your email signatures or websites etc.


 Statement of Financial Position

Total assets as of June 30, 2019 are $40,117,609. $34,695,261, or 86.48% of total assets are comprised of cash and cash equivalents. This includes operating funds, investments and deposits in transit. The net book value of property and equipment total $5,064,788 or 12.62%. Total liabilities as of June 30, 2019 are $3,096,304. $1,878,951 or 60.68% of total liabilities is comprised of unearned revenue. Unearned revenue is made up of dues in the amount of $1,783,082 or 94.90%, contract center licenses in the amount of $52,419 or 2.79% and educational seminar fees of $43,450 or 2.31%. Accounts Payable, in the amount of $1,001,574 accounts for 32.35% of total liabilities and results from timing of check runs.

Contract Center:

AAPL has approved the use of several new forms they can be accessed through the AAPL website listed below. There are several forms available including Affidavits, Releases, Ratifications, etc. These are free for AAPL members.



Upcoming Education Opportunities:

I want to make sure that everyone is aware of all opportunities there are for continuing education. Especially the free monthly webinars offered the third Thursday of the month on the AAPL website. In addition, there are a lot of education videos that can also be accessed through the AAPL website. Here is a list of other scheduled events for the remaining calendar year.

3-Oct-19 Appalachian Land Institute Coraopolis, PA

8-Oct-19 Negotiations San Antonio, TX

15-Oct-19 Surface Use and Access * Durango, CO

17-Oct-19 Gulf Coast Land Institute New Orleans, LA

17-Oct-19 Working Interest 2 day Fort Worth, TX

17-Oct-19 The Independent Contractor and You – Free Webinar Web

24-Oct-19 Surface Use and Access * Pittsburgh, PA

25-Oct-19 RPL/CPL Exam Only Fort Worth, TX

7-Nov-19 Advanced Landman's Institute Houston, TX

8-Nov-19 Petroleum Economics * Charleston, WV

14-Nov-19 Joint Operating Agreements Houston, TX

15-Nov-19 RPL/CPL Exam Only Fort Worth, TX

21-Nov-19 Held By Production * Washington, PA

21-Nov-19 Regulatory Permitting - Free Webinar Web

5-Dec-19 Due Diligence * Midland, TX

6-Dec-19 Negotiations Lafayette, LA

10-Dec-19 Oil and Gas Land Review Houston, TX

13-Dec-19 RPL/CPL Exam Only Fort Worth, TX


Directors Note:

While, WAPL membership is very important, WAPL members should also be members of the AAPL. We currently have a large disparity in AAPL membership among WAPL members. Somewhere around 40% of WAPL members are not AAPL members. I’d like to encourage all our members to join AAPL, membership is just $125 annually. The resources and networking opportunities provided by AAPL more than surpasses the annual membership dues. It is absolutely worth your time and money to fill out a membership application.

If you would like more details about anything discussed herein, or about AAPL in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Respectfully submitted,

Will Boone, CPL

AAPL Director – Region VI

Direct: (316) 771-5041

Cell: (913) 832-4583

Email: will@wildcatresourcesinc.com

Posted on 02 Oct 2019
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