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WAPL elects one of its members to serve a two-year term on the American Association of Professional Landmen Region VI Board of Directors.

WAPL's current AAPL Director is Will Boone, CPL, and can be contacted by email at will@wildcatresourcesinc.com..

AAPL Dec 2014 Board Meeting Update


As of 11/11/14, AAPL Membership is at 18,562. 

AAPL Headquarters

Renovations are nearly complete and AAPL has moved into its new building at 800 Fournier Street, Fort Worth, TX  76102.  Southwestern Energy is moving its office and has graciously donated a lot of their current office furnishings to the new AAPL building.  The old AAPL office on Fossil Creek Blvd. is on the market, and two parties are showing interest.  It has been determined by the board that AAPL does not need to “fire sale” the old building, and will negotiate for what we believe to be an appropriate market selling price.


The NAPE Expo has gone through a re-branding, which was unveiled last month to the public.  Part of the re-branding was renaming the four expos as follows: NAPE East = NAPE Pittsburgh; NAPE Rockies = NAPE Denver; Summer NAPE = NAPE Houston; Winter NAPE = NAPE Summit.  The four NAPE expos are the premier prospect expos in the country, and this re-branding should ensure it continues to be viewed as such.  I encourage all of you to consider attending NAPE Summit this February in Houston.  Please visit the updated NAPE website for additional information (www.napeexpo.com). 

Finance Report

An audit of NAPE and AAPL’s finances, completed last quarter, showed no major deficiencies and AAPL’s assets continued to grow over the last year.  As compared to September 30, 2013, total assets have increased from $31,948,114 to $34,061,933, a change of 6.62%.  Revenues (exclusive of investment revenue) compared to September 30, 2013 have increased 9% from $1,226,567 to $1,337,192, due mostly to increased recognized dues and seminar fees.  Expenses have increased 21.6% from $1,340,936 to $1,630,273.  The net ordinary income (loss) for the 3 months changed from $(114,369) to $(293,081).  The increase in expenses is due in large part to increased staff to accommodate growth of both AAPL and NAPE and hiring temporary workers to manage the ethics requirements associated with the current year’s dues renewal.   Investments as of September 30, 2014 are $27,369,952, a decrease of $3,392,936 or (11%) as compared to the same period last year.  The decrease has been the result of realized and unrealized gains, dividends, and the contribution of $4,000,000 from AAPL to the Landman Scholarship Trust.


AAPL debuted its new Ethics 360 Program in 2014 to great response, which is AAPL’s first dedicated offering on the subject matter and teaches to the core of what the Association of based upon, promoting ethical business practices in all land operations.  This program is both a half-day seminar and a condensed version, called America’s Landman, was designed to introduce and emphasize the importance of ethical practices in all phases of land work.  Ethical practices in all business matters is paramount to an AAPL member.  AAPL is conducting a shortened version of the Ethics 360 Program at regional land institutes, as well as the Field Landman Seminars across the country.  A few new seminars were added this year, including the following subject matters: Title Curative, Oil and Gas Lease Provisions, Negotiations, GIS/Mapping, and the Horizontal Modifications to the JOA.  AAPL is dedicated to serving the membership by providing opportunities for quality educational programming for all AAPL members of all experience levels, held at locations across the US.  For more information on the Ethics 360 Program, or any of the other education programs that AAPL offers, please visit www.landman.org or get ahold of me.  Look for emails from AAPL with upcoming educational seminars and programs.


AAPL is considering some changes to the RPL and CPL designation eligibility requirements.  The adjustments would include lengthening the industry experience requirement, as it is currently possible to test for the CPL exam with a combination of college degrees and only five years of actual working experience.  Additionally, the Certification Committee is considering broadening those eligible to qualify for the RPL and CPL designations from those landmen primarily engaged in negotiations to landmen who may primarily focus on title.  It is the expectation that the changes to the certification eligibility requirements will be finalized and brought to the board for a vote at the annual meeting in Nashville, TN in June, 2015.  


AAPL is in the midst of a major software upgrade.  AAPL has outgrown the current association management system capabilities, which is why you had to renew your AAPL membership manually this last year, and difficulties tracking RPL/CPL CE credits, among other complications.  An article authored by AAPL’s Technology Committee, Glen Mauldin, will be appearing in an upcoming edition of Landman magazine, explaining the recent history of AAPL’s software system and where it is headed.  We ask that members please bear with the current system until the new system is up and running.


If you haven’t done so, I encourage all landmen to join the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL).  AAPL provides its members a robust network of industry professionals, quality educational programming, and marketing opportunities pertinent to every producing region in the US.  Perhaps more importantly, AAPL members are subject to AAPL’s Code of Conduct and AAPL Code of Ethics, which lend to your professionalism in all land and business dealings.  AAPL is also constantly monitoring legislation affecting our industry on both state and federal levels.  If you would like more information about joining AAPL, or more detailed information about the recent board meeting, please feel free to contact me via phone (316-201-4101) or email (nick@cobaltenergyllc.com) anytime. 



Nicholas D. Hess, CPL

AAPL Director – Region VI

Posted on 17 Dec 2014
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