What is a Landman?

Landmen are the public facing (business) side of the oil, gas and mineral exploration and production team. They interact and negotiate directly with landowners, mineral owners and/or other oil and gas companies to acquire oil and gas drilling leases and permits on the behalf of oil and gas companies. Landmen are responsible for researching and interpreting title records necessary to determine the rightful owners to oil and gas rights. They must be knowledgeable about matters affecting title and about oil and gas exploration and production operations. They must also be knowledgeable about the contracts and agreements necessary to responsibly provide for and govern exploration and production operations. Being the public facing side of the business, landmen must present themselves in a professional manner and conduct their business with utmost integrity; consequently, our association requires its members adhere to a high ethical standard. There are three different types of landmen:

Company Landmen
Negotiate deals and trades with other companies and individuals, draft contracts (and administer their compliance), acquire leases, clear title, prepare land for drilling and ensure compliance with governmental regulation.

Independent Field Landmen
Serve clients on a contract basis and are generally the industry’s contact with the public as they research courthouse records to determine ownership and prepare necessary reports and locate mineral and land owners. They negotiate oil and gas leases and various other agreements, obtain necessary curative documents and conduct surface inspections before drilling.

Independent Land Consultants
Serve clients on a contract basis to perform the functions listed above. Much effort is directed to due diligence examinations required in the purchase and sale of companies and properties.